Dubuque Running Club's Runner up!

Please welcome Cory Hall as the first member in our Runner Up! Series

How long have you been running?
I've been running all my life for fun. I started taking running more seriously about 2 years ago when I joined the club and learned terms like "pacing" and "training plans". 

How did you hear about the DRC?
I received a DRC flyer in my packet pickup bag at the Benefit Classic, I then "Facebook stalked" the group for months until they decided to order t-shirts in March 2013. Side Note - For anyone on the fence about joining I really encourage you to come out for a Saturday run. It does not matter if you can only run/walk a block, this is a great group of runners of all levels who will be there to encourage you and help you reach your goals.

Favorite running spot?

Dubuque Iowa!... The dynamic landscape of our area makes running here unique and very fun... here are some of my favorites... (One Mean Bean is a given for starting place for road runs) 1.) Mines of Spain 2.) Swiss Valley 3.) Awesome Bluff Views: Mount Carmel Loop, Eagle Point Park, Hiawatha Dr (East Dub), Loras Blvd at Algona. 4.) Downtown Dubuque - Riverfront Trails and Historical Districts. 5.) West 3rd, Loras, Valley, Montcrest, Mt. Carmel, University, 28th, etc... suck while running them but every time I pass a runner on a hill during a race, I think of them and smile.

What are your current PR's?

My 2014 PRs... 5K - 17:52 4 Mile - 23:08 1/2 Marathon 1:23:28 Full Marathon 3:02:58 50K - 4:10:55

What are your future running goals?

Qualify for NYC Marathon, Sub 3 Hour Marathon, Complete a 50 mile trail race Positively impact and grow the Dubuque running community.

Anyone in the club you're looking to beat? :)

Nobody specific but I'm all about our "in-club rivalries"... it is all in good fun and friendly rivalries are a great way to push each other to get faster times.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood could chuck wood?

If “wood” could mean “bananas” I know how much wood Chuck would chuck after he ran 26.2 miles ;)


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