DRC Development Donation is now open!

Hello Everyone!

Allison and I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has come into our lives because of the DRC. We created the club in 2012 not knowing whether people would have had the same aspirations of running together as we did. We created the Facebook Group and started posting runs in hopes that the Dubuque running community would join in. It was a slow start, being us and a few of our family members and close friends but eventually we started seeing more people who showed up.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished and again are grateful that we have met so many people through this entire process. As time progressed and we added the website and started doing activities outside of group runs, we have been more than happy to pay out of pocket for everything, which unknowingly until we recently wrote it all down, we are spending close to $300.00 a year.

We constantly have people ask us how they can help, or if they can give us money to subset the cost but we have shrugged it off, because running should be free and don't think people should have to pay for coming to group runs or to be part of a running group.

We have finally devised a way to subset the yearly cost of keeping the DRC operational. Below will outline the benefits of keeping the DRC alive through donations.

Donations of $10 will receive:
A one-time use coupon for the Shoe Shack for 20% on normal priced gear
10% off at the Shoe Shack for the year (does not stack with coupon)
100 Points for the DRC Run Series!
One 2015 DRC+ Bottle opener
Our eternal gratitude


Again, the Dubuque Running Club is and always will be free so donations are voluntary. If you feel that you wish to donate more, each additional denomination of $5 will net you your choice of:
Two Dubuque Running Club Rubber Bracelets

One Dubuque Running Club Magnet

One additional DRC+2015 Bottle Opener

We want to thank the Shoe Shack for agreeing to the coupon, as we now feel that if people offer a donation we can take it as you're getting a payout from it. We want to emphasis that we are recycling all proceeds that we receive back into the club, whether it be for the yearly cost or even having extra events, such as the holiday party(let's have a summer party too!) and also getting more prizes for the run series.

We plan to have the bottle openers before mid March, at which point we will have an option to pay by Paypal(add $1 for a processing fee) or will be taking cash.

As a continued effort from us, we will try and add more value each year and try to get more business to help. Bottle openers this year...hopefully a bigger item next year!

Thanks to everyone again for all the time and dedication you've put forth for the Dubuque Running Club. Without all of you, we wouldn't have all the laughs and triumphs to share with every year, month, week and even daily.


Allison & Bill