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Welcome to the 2015 Dubuque Running Club Run Series!

To promote active participation of the DRC we have come up with a Run Series. For being an active member we will be accumulating points for members who meet certain requirements that are outlined below. With the accumulation of points you are entitled to 1(one) Raffle ticket per 20 points earned. Raffle tickets will be drawn at the end of the year to win prizes!

Point accumulation will be awarded as followed:

Participation in races:
DRC Facebook Event Races(FB calendar events) - 25 points
MVRA Races - 20 points
Local Races - 10 points
Out of Town Races - 5 points

Participation in group runs:
Attending a group run - 1 point

Volunteering at DRC or MVRA events:
Helping out at a DRC event or MVRA race - 10 points

Bring a friend:
Bringing a friend to a group run for their first time - 5 points

Submitting Points:
As this is a free to participate event, we will have a form open for the first 10 days of the month to submit your points for the previous month. We will post it on this page and the Facebook group as well. When the form is submitted it puts the information into a spreadsheet where we will tally up the points and make a running total for the series.

A word from the DRC:

We are trying to create a fun event that benefits all members by active participation. This series is geared not to exclude any members. You show up, you represent, you get the chance to win things...all at no cost to you!

We aren't going to police the points, we expect everyone to fairly give themselves the point values that they deserve. Again, this is all free so we want to keep honest members!

Although it is not required, we ask for you to wear your DRC apparel at races for free advertising for the group. If you need some merch, you can order it from the Envision Storefront

A big thanks to our sponsors shown above, for more information on them click their logo! Keep an eye out, we plan on getting more! If you know of anyone who would like to be a sponsor for the series please email us at dbqrunningclub@gmail.com