Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey, it is great to get feedback from people we run with weekly and those we haven't run with yet.

Before we start, we would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to those in attendance who don’t yet know us.

Allison, Finn, Bill - Madison Marathon Nov-2016

My wife Allison and I have shared a common bond in running since we first started dating.  In May of 2012, we started the Dubuque Running Club in an effort to help connect the runners in our community.  In the beginning, we were a small group of mostly family trying to establish a solid framework for group runs.  Through trial and error over the following years, we’ve managed to maintain that framework with measurable success.

We are always trying to improve the way the DRC functions, as well as continuing to grow our member base and further connect local runners.

Everything you see weekly – Facebook, Twitter, Group Runs, website updates – is maintained by Allison and myself.  Between our professional lives, our son Finn (and baby number two on its way!), our own training schedules, and everything else that falls between, we don't always have enough time to put full attention to the DRC.  Although delegation of certain duties would help, delegation can become a time-consuming task to manage on its own.

This is why we are so happy to see the responses from everyone!  We don’t get to see each of you on a regular basis and wanted to make sure we were receiving everyone’s comments, questions, and suggestions.  We will continue to keep the survey open for any concerns or issues that might come up in the future.

We just want to thank everyone for all the continued support as this has been an extremely rewarding adventure to embark on!

Bill & Allison


Now on to the results:

What has stopped you from coming?

The highlighting theme of why people have not come to a run, other than timing, was due to feeling they will be too slow.

We cannot stress enough that all paces and distances are welcome to come! We do have some speedsters, but we have a range from fast to Walk/Run approach. We always want people to be able to match up with other runners so you won't be alone, we will try our best to express pacing on the group run events so people are more willing to come.

At the end of the day, whether you run a 7 minute mile or a 15 minute mile, it is always nice to have each other there to keep one another accountable and to know you can meet weekly with others who share the same passion. 

If you're still nervous, it's OK! Even going out of town and running with other clubs can be nerve wrecking. As our motto has come to be, bring a friend! We will welcome anyone, no matter the pace!

Please check out this video that our own Shannon Woulfe created interviewing some of our members!

What would you like us to continue?

Group Runs. Pub runs. Shoe Shack demo runs.

Sounds good to us! We had mostly the same responses and we are more than happy to continue everything stated.

Unfortunately, we will be discontinuing the DRC run series for 2016. The theory is great and we want to approach it again in the future, but between influx of participation and time spent, it was more work than anticipated. We do want to do something similar this year, in terms of give-a-ways, so we will keep you posted.

What are some changes you'd like to see?

Through the trial an error of the past years we have learned the best approach to being successful is just like training for your next race - Consistency.

Changing times of runs:
We have found that the weekday runs at 6pm work well for the bulk of individuals with their work schedules. Pushing later than 6pm can be hard on those with families.

7:30am is a bit early on Saturday, but getting your run in early and being able to meet after to talk(mostly about running) is a great trade off.

Changing Locations:
Tuesday at University of Dubuque offers the availability of the Track(when open) and other routes being easily accessible and not just plain old Grandview. If you have a favorite route, let us know and we will post it, otherwise we can create some as well for the events.

Thursday's depending on the season fluctuate between Murphy Park(Warm months) and AJ's Cafe(cold months). Both offer great benefits, but we would be open to suggestions.

Saturday for One Mean Bean has worked well - can't beat hot/cold drink after a run!

Adding Morning Runs:
Logistically, we don't have the resources for this. People tend to post if they are running in the morning and encourage others to do the same.

Communication of Pace/Distance for group runs:
This is something that we have always tried to promote people to do, but sometimes it gets away from us. A lot of times there are conversations at the start of the runs about where people are running and what paces. We will try and stress this a bit more in hopes people will post before the runs.

Scheduled Workouts:
Misery loves company but depending on the time of year and what everyone has on the schedule for training, this can sometimes be hard. Without someone taking the handle on this, logistically it isn't easy to get everyone on the same page. 

Although we do meet at UD on Tuesdays for track/roads - we have been flagged by the UD personnel before that we would need a liability waiver/insurance in order for a group workout on the track. Since we are a free club and don't have dues this does not work.

No Runner Left Behind:
This is a great concept, but with the amount of different training schedules that people are on, this could be inefficient. Communication of pace and distance as stated above would help this out significantly, so we will try to focus on that.

On the other hand, there is a great trail run group, Driftless Dirt, that have a no runner left behind policy and meet up several times a week. Please check them out here

Meet the DRC - Group Run:
There was mention of possibly doing a "Meet the DRC" group run, where we would have a dedicated route and impose a no person left behind. This is something we can look into doing once in a while and could be an excellent resource to get all those who might be afraid of coming because they feel like they can't keep up or run as far as others.

Get rid of that Chuck guy!
Trust us...we have tried!
In all seriousness, we are posting this to show our sense of humor with each other. Even though we give each other a hard time, we are here to support each other.

Get access to an indoor track during winter:
Even though a lot of the core members don't mind getting out in the cold to run, we completely understand those who don't want to. Unfortunately this would most likely cost money to get into any facility and UD for certain only opens their track to students and faculty. 

Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

I'd love to see more resources for runners, especially for new runners!
We would like to see this more too! We think a lot of the more experienced runners tend to graze over articles and not necessarily share them. If you read something that you think is good information, please feel free to share it with the group!

Bill is actually setting up an 18 week "Accountabuddies" group for those training for Grandma's marathon 2016, but there will be a lot of useful information for any distance and runners of all different levels. Please feel free to join the group here

Have a group run for families:
We'd love to get something set up when the weather gets better to help facilitate those with children and those who run with strollers! Keep an eye out for a group run tailored to this!

We will end the survey with this response:

Thank you for all the hard work of keeping the group going and "running" :)

We have been so happy to see all the responses from everyone!

Again, we don’t get to see each of you on a regular basis and wanted to make sure we were receiving everyone’s comments, questions, and suggestions.

We will keep the submission form open for those of you who would like to fill it out and move in the direction that we see the DRC will benefit from. Just remember, we are only two people and manage a free club!

Happy Running!





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